Issue 95 - 06 | Why Companies Must Reduce Complexity

By Neil Smith
Published June 13, 2012 11:00 a.m.
“Done right, a good change process focuses on reducing complexity, which will automatically bring about greater efficiency and profitability and lead to lasting improvements.

Too often companies look at reducing expenses without even thinking about reducing complexity. These types of programs to increase profitability may be successful in the short term, but unless you look at how things get done, change won’t be sustainable.”

About Neil Smith | Neil Smith, CEO of Promontory Growth and Innovation (PGI), has for the last 20 years focused on helping large corporations dramatically improve performance and profitability by growing revenues and innovatively reducing costs. Smith has led initiatives across a number of industries with some of the strongest companies in the United States, including Mellon Bank, Willis, and North American Van Lines. He recently spearheaded the highly visible initiative across Bank of America, and a firm he co-founded was responsible for projects at Heinz, Detroit Edison, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. His efforts have helped increase profits at top companies by 20% or more.

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