Issue 174 | Published March 22, 2019

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Issue 173

Enough of MORE: Better is Better
Published Feb. 20, 2019 - By Henry Mintzberg

“Enough of MORE—all this excessive production and consumption, with its destructive waste and warming. MORE is ravaging our enterprises, our societies, our planet, and ourselves. We can do better.”

Scaling Leadership: A Manifesto
Published Feb. 20, 2019 - By Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams

“Ineffective leadership caps the ability of an organization to grow. Leadership that works at one level of scale is likely to run into serious limitations at the next level. The men and women who may be well-suited to lead a 100-person business unit with $30 million in annual revenues may be unable to lead a 250-person business unit with $100 million in annual revenues.”

Why CEOs and Boards Need to Be Fearless
Published Feb. 20, 2019 - By Jean Case

“Board members also need to be champions of, and networkers for, the organizations they serve. And, particularly in a world where change is accelerating and disruption is becoming the norm, board members also need to step up and challenge the organizations they care so much about—and the same goes for CEOs.”

Hustle & Float: Reclaim Your Creativity and Thrive in a World Obsessed with Work
Published Feb. 20, 2019 - By Rahaf Harfoush

“It turns out, the strategies we’re putting in place to increase our productivity are hurting our creative performance. By industrializing our creative skillset, we’ve prioritized performance and ignored critical hidden forces at play—our cultural, historical and biological baggage—that underlie and influence our conceptions of work.”

Issue 172

Stop Undermining Democracy and Your Business
Published Jan. 23, 2019 - By Carol Sanford

“Why is it that organizational leaders, and people in general, have such difficulty recognizing the negative impacts of their business practices and work designs? Why do we so deeply believe in what is later found to be not only untrue, but often harmful? … I believe it is the lack of a discernment and reflective process to examine what we are sold.”

Live Big: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Passion, Practicality, and Purpose
Published Jan. 23, 2019 - By Ajit Nawalkha

“As an entrepreneur, you need to know that your business isn’t an entity. It’s an experience. It’s unfolding at every moment. Every moment is vital. Critical. The only way to handle the chaos and the crazy beauty of it all is this: know that growing your business is actually about growing yourself. It’s about staying sane, centered, and focused.”

The Power of Positive Coaching
Published Jan. 23, 2019 - By Lee J. Colan, PhD & Julie Davis-Colan

“It wasn’t too long ago that having a business coach was like having a scarlet letter on your professional suit. Today, having a coach has been elevated in status. Business leaders have realized what professional athletes have always known—having a coach produces better results.”

Weathering the Perfect Storm: How to Prosper in the Reputation Economy
Published Jan. 23, 2019 - By Mike Mooney

“It is vital to understand that we are living in a perfect storm that is making our reputations more fragile than at any other time in human history! […] It’s a new day in the court of public opinion and oftentimes these moments go viral and a bad situation gets worse in a hurry.”

My Metacognitive Journey: The Power of Understanding Yourself
Published Jan. 23, 2019 - By Dave Mitchell

“Perhaps the most satisfying development associated with writing a book is when you as the author stumble upon a revelation in the middle of the process. For this book, I came to understand the answer to a question that I am often asked and have struggled to answer for many years. So many times, I am approached by an attendee and asked, ‘Can people change?’”

Issue 171

The Case Against a General AI in 2019
Published Dec. 27, 2018 - By Byron Reese

“Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is either possible or it isn’t. The chasm that divides the two viewpoints couldn’t be wider because it has to do with our core beliefs about the nature of reality, the identity of the self, and the essence of being human.”

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