Issue 95 - 05 | The Struggle

By Nate St. Pierre
Published June 13, 2012 11:00 a.m.
“Just about everyone you come across today is going through some kind of struggle in their lives. Most people bear such a heavy burden, quietly and alone, so focused on making sure it looks like they have everything under control that they forget they don’t have to have it all under control, and they certainly don’t have to walk their road alone. That there is hope and help, if they would only look for it.

You’re probably going through a struggle right now, even as you read this.”

About Nate St. Pierre | Nate St. Pierre strives to build projects that change the world, with a focus on philanthropy and micro-giving. Along the way he does freelance work as a web marketing consultant. He writes once in a while, too. You can see all his projects, work, and writing on his personal site,
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