Issue 89 - 05 | The Business Genome Approach: Finding Your Next Competitive Advantage

By Andrea Kates
Published Dec. 7, 2011 12:00 p.m.
“You have the wrong tools. And you use them the wrong way.

It isn’t your fault. You were taught, as we all were, to make forecast models out of past results. You were taught to look in the rear-view mirror. You were also taught to look straight ahead of you. If that competitor was in your line of sight, you had their number. That’s how you knew you were staying ahead.

They were good people that taught you these skills, great professors of the craft in business school, veteran managers and executives in your first, third, and twentieth job. But that was a different time. That was when we could see the future by looking back. Somehow, it made sense back then.

But, now, the rules have changed: our game plans have gone public, and whoever knows what the customer will do next wins.”

About Andrea Kates | Andrea Kates is the founder of the Business Genome® project. As a business strategist, facilitator, and speaker, Andrea has led more than 250 business innovation initiatives for global corporations, entrepreneurs, and organizations including Royal Dutch Shell (Asia-Pacific), Audi, Allstate, Continental Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, JP Morgan Chase, KPMG, the Houston Texans (NFL), and OnStar. Called the next generation’s “brand whisperer,” she helps companies adapt to an ever-changing global business environment and gain a competitive advantage by discovering cross-industry opportunities for innovation.

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