Issue 86 - 02 | The Best Leader in the World: It Could Be You

By Jon Wortmann, Jay Therrien, and Tom Endersbe
Published Sept. 7, 2011 10:00 a.m.
“Whether you have a formal leadership title or not, chances are you’re reading this because you’re a natural leader. You’re the kind of person who steps up and steps in when others need you most. Or, you want to. As daunting as leadership can be, what you need to do is straightforward. We’re about to teach you a model that will make you the kind of leader whose team people beg to join; and the kind of person who develops other leaders as a natural part of your every day work and life.”

About Jon Wortmann, Jay Therrien, and Tom Endersbe | Jon Wortmann is a non-profit leader, leadership coach at Muse Arts, LLC, and author. He was trained at Harvard University and has consulted with and offered workshops for educational, non-profit, start-up, and Fortune 100 organizations. Jay Therrien has led learning and development at three Fortune 500 companies, where his programs and content continue to serve as a core component for the leadership, communication, and professional development training used by thousands of employees at those companies today. Tom Endersbe is the former Head of Field Implementation and Training at Ameriprise and CEO of a Financial Advisory Practice. They are all three authors of The Three Commitments of Leadership, being released October, 2011 by McGraw-Hill.

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