Issue 76 - 06 | Change is the New Constant: Leading Organizations That (Can) Thrive in Crises

By Alan Lewis
Published Nov. 3, 2010 12:00 a.m.
“Most organizations believe they are not working as well as they used to. They blame the rapid and unpredictable changes that are going on around them. But many of them have failed to grasp one fundamental truth: CHANGE IS THE NEW CONSTANT. To be successful in the 21st century requires an approach that change is here to stay, so one of the most critical components for success is now the ability to build a culture to adapt and thrive in change.”

About Alan Lewis | Alan Lewis is owner and chairman of Grand Circle Corporation, the largest U.S. direct market tour operator of international vacations for older Americans, and co-author of Driving With No Brakes: How a Bunch of Hooligans Built the Best Travel Company in the World (September, 2010). An entrepreneur, philanthropist,and agent of change, Alan has a proven track record of creating both corporate profitability and growth and innovative philanthropic programs despite the challenges presented by a highly competitive industry operating in a chaotic world.

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