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Issue 67 - 05 | The Myth of Overnight Success

By Barrie Bergman
Published Feb. 10, 2010 11:29 p.m.
“Most of us are seduced by the idea of overnight success. We want to believe the myth that success is easy to come by. But success in business takes time, energy and hard work—lots of all three.

Personally, I’ve never met an overnight success. I’ve met people who’ve done something well for a long time and were suddenly discovered. Then everyone assumed they came out of nowhere, that their fame happened overnight.

But the real truth is that it takes a long time to be an overnight success.”

About Barrie Bergman | Veteran empire-builder Barrie Bergman has never played by the rules. But, while his approach may be unconventional, Barrie has built multi-million dollar empires in two diverse businesses: in the Entertainment Industry with Record Bar, and in the Cosmetic Industry with Bare Escentuals. Now a popular speaker and advisor to fellow visionaries, Barrie calls the game on the current “license to kill” mentality and outlines a style that gets results and lets you sleep at night. While defining what works and what doesn’t work in business, he found that it takes great character strength to keep one’s integrity intact when the pressure is on. He believes that you can still kick ass while taking the high road.

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