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Issue 63 - 02 | Borrowing Brilliance: And Other Oxymorons

By David Kord Murray
Published Oct. 15, 2009 1:34 a.m.
"... As I go out into the world and teach people about creative thought, I’m often asked by managers 'how to' apply this in an organization. They want me to talk about 'corporate creativity' and 'innovation management' and at first blush, to me, 'corporate creativity' seems like a [George] Carlinesque oxymoron. It seems like two words that contradict each other, like 'jumbo shrimp,' 'military intelligence' and 'borrowing brilliance.' Corporations are typically highly structured and highly political, and typically NOT very creative. But they don’t have to be this way. In fact, once you understand the basic mechanics of creative thinking, the basic block and tackling skills of the thinker, you can turn your organization into a creative factory that churns out innovative concepts through intelligent collaboration and the development of a corporate culture that fosters 'corporate creativity.'

Let me explain."

About David Kord Murray | Today, Dave is the author of Borrowing Brilliance. In the past, however, he’s been an entrepreneur, a scientist, a salesman (selling nuclear weapons), a marketing executive, an innovation leader (for a Fortune 500 software company), a web designer, a CEO, an inventor (he’s got a few patents to his name), a rock climber, skier, a mountaineer (he’s summited Mt. McKinley) , and now a writer. At one point in his career, he made millions of dollars from a single, simple idea; at another point he filed for personal bankruptcy protection (unfortunately, in that order). But failure is temporary, he says, just like success. They’re both part of the creative process, both just different stops on the same journey. And besides, you learn from your mistakes, which means Dave’s learned a lot.

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