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Issue 60 - 03 | 10 Lessons Learned in Igniting Word of Mouth Movements

By Brains On Fire
Published July 9, 2009 12:25 a.m.
“It’s official: the word 'campaign' is becoming more and more scarce as it relates to the new world of marketing. And rightly so. People want to be engaged with a company, organization or cause beyond a short-term gimmick. So we’re starting to see the emergence of the term 'movement,' which makes a lot more sense.

Let’s compare the two."

About Brains On Fire | Brains on Fire is part identity company, part word of mouth marketing company, and all Brains on Fire. Spike Jones is the guy who decided to put these learnings down on paper, but the thoughts here represent a collaboration including Geno Church, Robbin Phillips (who came up with the idea), Heather Hough, Greg Cordell and Justine Foo. Brains on Fire’s clients range from Best Buy to BMW to Fiskars Brands. Highlights include being featured as a “best in class” example in eight books (including Groundswell and the Anatomy of Buzz), Fast Company and a receiving a gold EFFIE for a WOM movement. They’re the company based in Greenville, SC. Find out more at www.brainsonfire.com or contact firestarter@brainsonfire.com for more info.

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