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Issue 57 - 04 | Built To Fade: The Advent of the Biodegradable Brand

By John Dumbrille
Published April 9, 2009 3:19 a.m.
"I might feel good about myself as I sip on a mouthful of 'green' this or that, but this sanctimoniousness should be seen as more than an innocuous behavioral tic. The diversion of attention into a me-brand-good pseudo experience, the holy grail of brand building, is actually part of the problem.

When green brands manage to nurture egocentric self-cherishing among its users through packaging and advertising, a fundamental, environmental disjoin has taken place."

About John Dumbrille | A former Greenpeace activist, John Dumbrille writes technical documentation and presentation materials for MonkeyMedia Software. This spring he co-founded bowegover.ning, a project for transparent governance in his local community. Keep up with him at his blog,
Green Sandbox,
or follow him on Twitter.

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