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Issue 55 - 04 | Learning to View Your Customers as a Powerful Tribe

By Ed Welch
Published Feb. 12, 2009 1:51 a.m.
"As a business it’s tempting to think of a 'tribe' as a 'customer base.' That’s wrong. People aren’t part of a tribe simply because they buy a product or service. What qualifies them as a tribe are their connections. Tribes of customers are connected to an idea, each other, products, services, employees, etc.—creating a network of connections to the business as a whole."

About Ed Welch | Ed Welch is an entrepreneur, author of 101 Ways to Destroy Your Tribe, contributor to the Tribes Q&A book, contributor to the Tribes Casebook and founder of Welch, Inc. One of Ed’s passions is to help businesses adapt to the evolving tribal nature of people using the Net. He’s a member of Triiibes.com and also writes for the Tribe Building Blog. He received his formal education from Oklahoma State University in Business Finance and he’s an enthusiastic student of Seth Godin’s business principles.

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