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Issue 53 - 06 | 30 Days-Notice: Or, Death of a Saleswoman

By Aly Hensler
Published Dec. 3, 2008 10:29 p.m.
30 Days-Notice is a countdown to Aly Hensler's final day as a traveling saleswoman, with each chapter chronicling a day in that month. In a foray into creative nonfiction, we at ChangeThis have the honor to share two of those days with you.

"No one expected me to leave. In a world of shifting loyalties and job hopping, Widgets Inc. is the kind of rare place that people retire at, where a sales representative can pull in a comfortable base salary, company car, and expense account."

About Aly Hensler | Aly Hensler works in Chicago as an online advertising sales representative, and enjoys her newish job, which she can perform from the cozy confines of a cubicle. She has authored the text for two photography books published by High Tide Press, and previously worked as a reporter for The Athens News and Copley newspapers. She has also written freelance articles for The Chicago Journal and Chicago Reader. Hensler is a 1997 graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Reading is her favorite form of procrastination when avoiding writing. She is reachable at ginandjuiced@hotmail.com.

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