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Issue 40 - 05 | The New Theory of Relativity: Relationships = Productivity

By Noah Blumenthal
Published Nov. 8, 2007 5:07 a.m.
Blumenthal believes there is simply no stronger motivation for good performance than strong relationships and hopes to revolutionize leadership with a deceptively simple equation: Relationships = Productivity. He warns of an epidemic of “ineptivity” (motion without reason) has lead to a state of disenfranchisement within business, and a good leader who attends to people’s needs can prevent mutiny.

About Noah Blumenthal | Noah is the Founder and President of Leading Principles, Inc., an executive coaching and consulting company that helps people see the best in themselves and become more confident, energized, and effective in their work. He is a coach, speaker, and published author. To explore how these ideas could be utilized in your organization, please contact Noah Blumenthal, President of Leading Principles, Inc. at 516-352-2744 or noah@leadingprinciples.com.


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