Issue 175 - 04 | Does Real Leadership Require Spirituality?

By Hilary Jane Grosskopf
Published April 17, 2019 12:00 p.m.
“In business, we often rely on logic to make decisions. Logic guides our decisions, our interactions, and our actions. However, as a leader, many decisions about people and approaches to collaboration involve more than straightforward logic. Have you ever found that in order to make the right decision and move forward, you must often defy the boundaries of structure and logic? An element of spirituality is necessary in order to be a successful leader because leaders must acknowledge that we are all interconnected, that we have limitless potential beyond our control, and that the most important decisions involve empathy.

Spirituality is a dimension of our experience that cannot be explained by logic or science; however, it is a powerful and omnipresent aspect of the human existence. Spirituality is the quality of being connected with a human soul rather than physical things or science. Spiritual humans believe that we are all connected and that there is a larger force than physics and science behind the universe and our experience. Spirituality is not a religion; it is guided by practices, not beliefs. It shows through in the decisions you make and the actions you take. Successful leaders embrace spirituality, as well as structure and logic, to move the team and vision forward.”

About Hilary Jane Grosskopf | Hilary Jane Grosskopf is a leadership guide, strategist, and writer. As Founder of Awake Leadership Solutions, she helps leaders to develop strong leadership skills, build the teams of their dreams, and achieve bold objectives. Grosskopf started her career as an engineer in supply chain and logistics and soon saw the need for helping rising leaders develop soft skills and mindful leadership practices. She holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree from University of Pennsylvania. Grosskopf is based in the Bay Area of California but travels around the world to lead workshops, speak, and coach leaders. Grosskopf is the author of Awake Leadership: A System for Leading with Clarity and Creativity (2018) and Awake Ethics: A System for Aligning Your Action with Your Core Intentions (2018).

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