Issue 174 - 05 | Putting People First and Product Second: A New Approach to Sales

By Steve M. Rigby
Published March 22, 2019 10:00 a.m.
“‘What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?’ —George Eliot

Pure, profound, and poetic. What a beautiful philosophy by which to live one’s life. I concluded my first book on sales with this message. Reflecting on where I am today, it seems an appropriate.

Careers can be difficult, particularly those that involve sales. I know. I’ve sold sawmill equipment and starved. I’ve sold automobiles and sucked. I’ve sold real estate and struggled. You noticing a pattern? Hey, at least I was consistent and persistent.

Then, I tried selling new homes and succeeded—succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. So what changed? What was different? Why the turnaround? As corny as it may sound, I learned how to smile.”

About Steve M. Rigby | For nearly two decades, Steve Rigby served the homebuilding industry as both a student and a teacher of selling, managing, and training. He was responsible for directing the sales efforts for three of the nation’s top-ten public homebuilders. As a result, those companies experienced tremendous growth with very healthy bottom lines. In the past decade plus, Steve has continued to prove his proficiency as a thought leader through his own business, New Wings Consulting, LLC, which serves companies across a variety of industries. As he’s accustomed to seeing, those companies are also experiencing tremendous growth and very healthy bottom lines. Steve resides on Lake Travis, just outside Austin, Texas, with his wife, Susan, their two horses, Blondie and Envy, and their dog, Drizzle. If you’re up for a visit, he and Susan conduct retreats at their cabin on the lake.
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