Issue 163 - 04 | Making ‘Agile’ Business as Usual

By Todd Warner & Dr. Byron Hanson
Published April 18, 2018 11:00 a.m.
“There is more to Agility than putting lipstick on a pig. Organizations that attempt to migrate to Agile approaches need to take accountability for their 'inner pig.' Any sector can espouse Agile practices, such as SCRUMS, Sprints, and Stand-ups. That is the easy part. The challenge that most organizations face is that they layer Agile approaches on top of their existing social system, without addressing the intricate web of local practices and tribalism that have developed over time.”

About Todd Warner & Dr. Byron Hanson | Todd Warner founded Like Minds Advisory as a gathering place for people who are dedicated to impacting social systems, changing how work gets done and developing great leaders. LMA was founded with a view that organization’s current approaches to learning and leadership development are stuck, and need a new direction. He has worked globally with Executives from multiple sectors for almost 20 years to initiate this change. Over his career, Todd has worked in the boutique Executive Development space globally, headed Learning and Leadership Development for BHP Billiton, and has sat on the Executive Committee for Duke Corporate Education. Todd’s expertise in Learning and Leadership Development has been recognized by awards and publications across the world.

Byron Hanson is the Managing Director of Like Minds Advisory, Australia. He has spent over 20 years designing and delivering customized corporate education focused on solving strategic business problems. His passion is leadership development, primarily the facilitation of learning for leaders towards achieving tangible organizational and individual outcomes. Byron’s roles have included: serving as a Managing Director for Duke CE in California, as an Associate Professor of Leadership at the Curtin Graduate School of Business, and working for Labatt Breweries of Canada providing facilitation, labor relations, and employee development and strategy. Byron received his PhD from the Curtin Graduate School of Business, holds a Master degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University.
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