Issue 151 - 06 | Powerful Tips for Overcoming Career Setbacks

By Bill Treasurer
Published March 22, 2017 12:00 p.m.
“Quick, what do Hillary Clinton, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, and even President Donald Trump have in common? During their careers, all suffered through spectacular failures.

At some point, every leader is confronted with the reality that his or her leadership is seriously and substantially flawed. It is at this precise moment when a leader is faced with a choice: learn and grow or remain blindly loyal to ignorance. Every leader worth his or her salt will get a psychological kick in the ass eventually. It is a critical and inevitable part of the leadership experience. The untold truth about leadership is that leaders don’t progress from good to great: they go from decidedly bad to pretty good. For the last two decades, I’ve worked with thousands of leaders across the globe. What follows is what they’ve taught me about how to overcome career setbacks and become a stronger leader in the process.”

About Bill Treasurer | Bill Treasurer is chief encouragement officer of Giant Leap Consulting, a courage-building company. For over two decades, Treasurer has worked with thousands of leaders across the globe, strengthening their leadership influence. His newest book, A Leadership Kick in the Ass, provides practical tips for building confidence and humility. His other bestselling books include Leaders Open Doors, Courage Goes to Work, and Right Risk. His clients include NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, UBS Bank, Walsh Construction, Lenovo, Hugo Boss, Children’s Miracle Network, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. You can learn more at < href="" target="_new">

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