Issue 141 - 04 | CAUSE! A Business Strategy for Standing Out!

By Jackie and Kevin Freiberg
Published May 4, 2016 11:00 a.m.
“There is an undeniable wave cresting. The wave is a new breed of companies that are purpose-driven and cause-oriented. They are forward-thinking and intentional about doing good, connecting dreams to opportunities, and launching movements that make the world better. Their success and confidence come from defining their business as a cause. Their confidence attracts and unleashes talent, accelerates innovation, strengthens brand reputation, moves markets, allows the organization to move with speed and agility, stimulates investments, and creates long-term growth.”

About Jackie and Kevin Freiberg | Jackie and Kevin Freiberg are bestselling authors and founders of the San Diego Consulting Group Inc. The Freibergs are dedicated to helping leaders crete Best Places where the Best People can do their Best Work to make the world Better. The Freibergs speak on leadership, innovation, and change all over the world. They have a global practice including firms in Europe, Japan, South Africa, India, Central and South America, as well as companies throughout the United Stated and Canada.

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