Issue 129 - 03 | 10 Lessons on Art and Strategy

By Jessica Hagy
Published May 13, 2015 11:00 a.m.
“War is just a metaphor for every problem you’ve ever had in your life.

Without problems, you’ve got no plot, and without a plot, your character can’t develop.

So don’t just choose your battles. Embrace them. Here’s how… ”

About Jessica Hagy | Jessica Hagy is an artist and writer best known for her Webby award-winning blog, Indexed. Her work has been described as “deceptively simple,” “undeniably brilliant,” and “our favorite reason for the Internet to exist.” Her style of visual storytelling allows readers to draw their own conclusions and to actively participate in each narrative. “Her images don’t always tell us what to think; quite often, they elegantly offer us ideas to think about.”

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