Issue 126 - 03 | Out for Brains! (Why Customer Service Will Drive the Economy of the Next Fifty Years and Beyond)

By Peter Shankman
Published Feb. 18, 2015 8:00 a.m.
“The age of ‘buy from us because we say we’re awesome’ is over, and has been replaced by an age of ‘I’ll buy from them because someone I trust says they’re awesome.’

We commissioned a survey on customer service, and the results will shock you. … 25% of customers report an instance of poor customer service in the past two months alone! Each instance is estimated at resulting in over $700 in lost sales from that customer—and then spreading the word to an estimated 700 additional people on social media!

However, the overwhelming majority of businesses think that their customer service is superior. There is a huge disconnect.

About Peter Shankman | Peter Shankman is best known for founding Help a Reporter Out, which changed how journalists and sources interact around the world. His new book, Zombie Loyalists, is his fourth book, and is the follow-up to his best-seller, Nice Companies Finish First.

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