Issue 120 - 01 | Creating a Coaching Culture: A Playbook to Build Winning Business Teams

By Nathan Jamail
Published Aug. 20, 2014 12:00 p.m.
“Growing up, most of us had to learn how to defend ourselves and think for ourselves. And, if you were anything like me, you had to learn the hard way—paying the consequences for bad decisions (and, for me, there were many). As parents, we try to remove every struggle we endured growing up, so they don’t have to struggle the way we did, and yet those hard times and struggles are most likely exactly what made us who we are today. It is our responsibility just to help see them through those struggles and help them learn and grow from them. The same can be said for business today. And, in business, most of our employees are not as good as they could be—not because of our love for them or our desire to make their lives better than ours, but for the exact opposite reason. It is because most of the time we think they are not worth the effort to really coach them.”

About Nathan Jamail | For more than two decades, Nathan Jamail has either been setting sales records, building winning teams, or coaching others on how to do so. Previously, Nathan set record results in sales by producing top performing teams in capacities such as business sales, direct consumer sales, indirect sales, distribution and marketing for several Fortune 100 companies. Nathan has also owned and operated 4 successful small businesses along with being an author of three very successful books The Sales Leaders Playbook, The Sales Professionals Playbook, and The Sales Leaders Gameplan. His coaching and programs implement strong positive belief systems and create winning environments within organizations cultivating the highest levels of success.
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