Issue 108 - 06 | FundRazor: How Collective Sourcing Can Fix Public Education

By John Malone
Published Aug. 7, 2013 3:00 p.m.
“What if everybody with a child in public school decided, collectively, to stop buying one thing in favor of another? How much would a company pay to have their product be the new thing bought?

We are talking about leveraging an emotional tie to a business decision. We are talking about bringing small businesses and education together. But we have a few hurdles to get over first.

When it comes to changing the way we fund public education, we have to stop looking at ourselves as just voters and taxpayers. We must also identify ourselves as consumers and business owners, and use that as a way to see what funds are available and really get what we need.”

About John Malone | John Malone, the Founder and CEO of GenerateForSchools, is a social entrepreneur. He is the parent of four amazing children: Emily, Ollie, Finny and Addy, and a lover of start-ups and start-up culture. Born and raised in Ireland, he has made Massachusetts his home for almost 20 years. He believes that people are smart, creative, and hardworking and that it would only take a few of us to change the world.
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