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Happiness Advocacy, Or, How Positive Psychology Will Save Us From Zombies
May 4, 2011 - By: Annie Passanisi
"This ain’t yo’ momma’s (or for that matter my momma’s) self-help book so don’t get all judgmental. If MacGyver can stop a bomb with a toothpick, we can save the world with happiness. 'Fiction!' you say? It’s even been scientifically proven. You see, it’s all in the technique, my friends.”
July 6, 2010 - By: Ben Tiggelaar
“Everybody has dreams regarding work, relationships, health and personal development… But what does it take to go from Dream to Dare and, eventually, Do? What are the secrets of real and lasting change?”
Wrecked for the Ordinary: A Manifesto for Misfits
March 3, 2010 - By: Jeff Goins
"This is a manifesto about the discovery process of finding what's missing. ... Yes, it’s hard, but it can’t be denied."

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