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The Career Benefits of Writing Without Bullshit
Sept. 14, 2016 - By: Josh Bernoff
“Clarity. Boldness. We say that we value these qualities in communication at work. So why is nearly everything we read so full of bullshit? After 35 years of reading and writing for work, I decided to determine what causes bullshit, and how we can all learn to write without it.”
Ignite Change: How Empathetic Communication Helps You Illuminate a Path that People Will Want to Follow
Feb. 17, 2016 - By: Nancy Duarte & Patti Sanchez
“This is our manifesto for change communications and, more specifically, for leaders who want to inspire others to understand and follow their vision for change, over and over again.”
Survival of the Simplest: The Micro-Script Rules
Oct. 6, 2010 - By: Bill Schley
“I have a simple premise: it’s too complicated. Now, you might say, ‘that’s rather broad, Bill. In your manifesto, you must tell us what is too complicated.’ And I’d respond simply—‘Okay, how about everything.’"

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