Issue 98 - 05 | How “Helpful” Systems Extinguish Career Development (and What You Can Do to Reignite It)

By Beverly Kaye & Julie Winkle Giulioni
Published Sept. 12, 2012 11:00 a.m.
“Career development appears at the top of many lists. Unfortunately, the lists tend to be those focused on what employees desperately want but are not getting from their managers.

As for managers, most appreciate the value of career development and really wish they could do it—more frequently and more effectively than they currently do. But let’s face it: a manager’s day-to-day reality is a kaleidoscopic blur of meetings, responsibilities, and shifting priorities. Helping employees to develop and grow is one of many activities perpetually pushed out in time to that elusive ‘someday’ that too rarely comes.

How can managers get past this conundrum? How can they make career development happen within the pressure-cooker reality that is business today? The answer is definitely NOT new systems, checklists, processes, or forms. Those have actually contributed to the problem.”

About Beverly Kaye & Julie Winkle Giulioni | Beverly Kaye is founder and co-CEO of Career Systems International, specializing in engagement, retention, and development. She is a well-known keynote speaker, writer, and developer of innovative learning tools. Contact Beverly through or at Julie Winkle Giulioni is cofounder and principal of DesignArounds, a bicoastal consulting and instructional design firm. She works with organizations globally to develop and implement learning that works. Contact Julie through or at

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