Issue 97 - 04 | The Failure to Engage: Understanding the Mechanism that Determines Employee Engagement and Micro-Innovation

By John Bernard
Published Aug. 8, 2012 12:00 p.m.
“Micro-innovation is the Holy Grail of modern management. Micro-innovation (incremental improvement) that is driven by employees is the secret to transforming the customer experience, accelerating revenue growth, and reducing costs.

Yet, the level of employee engagement required for micro-innovation remains one of the most elusive outcomes in modern organizational life. Research shows in aggregate that employee engagement continues a 25-year decline.

In our real-time economy, the most powerful value proposition is the ability to say “yes” to customer’s unique needs, and to say it now. Only the people who work on the frontline of a business can take meaningful action in real time. Because of that, the full engagement of people is simply a competitive necessity.”

About John Bernard | John is a top-rated speaker for the Conference Board, his monthly newspaper column is syndicated to 41 Business Journals across the U.S., and he is a columnist for For 30 years, John has been building and reengineering organizations to enable them to aggressively grow the top and bottom line. As the principal architect of the NOW Management System, his passion focuses on leveraging best-practice management with social media INSIDE the organization to engage employees, sharpen focus and accelerate execution.

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