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Issue 96 - 04 | Can You Call It a Business If It Isn’t Making Sales? Why So Many Business Owners Find Selling Difficult and What To Do About It.

By Jenan Mujkic
Published July 11, 2012 12:00 p.m.
“Sales are only one ingredient in the marketing cake. Here’s why I like this analogy: In a good cake, can you pinpoint the spot where flour ends and sugar starts?

Is there any reason why your business shouldn’t use this approach in marketing and sales? For the best brands, selling is not an isolated activity. It’s beautifully integrated into all customer touch points.

Your customer touch points can and should be mapped out, designed to be enjoyable, productive and attractive, and actively managed to maximize customer value. There are two simple questions you can ask yourself to accomplish this.”

About Jenan Mujkic | Jenan is a passionate storyteller with many exciting stories to share, and he brings a unique blend of professional business experience, passion and expertise to all of his consulting engagements. In addition to co-founding the first eco-friendly packing company in Saskatoon (billyboxx.com), he has worked with a number of world class organizations in the past (e.g. BMW Group, The University of Saskatchewan, ideas inc, Royal Bank of Canada, London Life Insurance Corp., etc.) on an array of interesting projects. Jenan holds a Master Of Arts degree in Adult Education and Work, Organizations and Leadership. Jenan is also a mentor with The Canadian Youth Business Foundation. CYBF is a national charity that provides pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and mentoring for youth age 18-34 to help start a business.

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