Issue 93 - 03 | How to Avoid Becoming China’s Bitch: A Radical Centrist Manifesto for Fixing What’s Broken

By Peter D. Kiernan
Published April 11, 2012 11:00 a.m.
“Let’s start by gazing in the mirror. The looking glass never lies, and it reflects two things about our beloved country:

We have allowed ourselves to become paralyzed.

And, worse, we are so used to being poorly led that we refuse to lead ourselves.

How did we let this state of affairs happen to us? Well, to begin with, we haven’t chosen the right leaders for the right times—and that used to be our talent.

Could these times be any more uncertain? Imagine piloting the ship of state through all the global and domestic cross currents we face today. Leadership in uncertain times must be different than when the path is clear.”

About Peter D. Kiernan | Peter D. Kiernan is a successful businessman, venture philanthropist and corporate and government advisor. For decades he has been a tireless advocate for poverty fighting organizations, education reform, disability and disease related charities and hospital boards. His work in these activities has taken him to every continent on the globe. He has watched our nation procrastinate and ignore its most pressing problems and he has written a book, Becoming China's Bitch, with fresh analysis and bold prescriptions for fixing what’s ailing America.

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