Issue 89 - 03 | Blending Art & Science To Create More Effective Ideas

By James Trezona
Published Dec. 7, 2011 12:00 p.m.
“Blending art and science is about collaborating in ideas generation: the inter-relationship is critical, you can’t have one thing without the other. A bunch of code or data is just a bunch of numbers without the art.

Science can enable us to be more creative, and creativity allows us to get the most out of our data. But consider ‘the multiplier effect’. If either the data or creative are bad, the idea will fail. It’s not one or the other that we need, it’s both. It’s not science plus art equals results, it’s more science times art, so a zero for either means failure.

That is where the interesting ideas are - at that intersection. The future is all about ideas connecting. Those who can bridge art and science will be in demand, will be powerful.

So if our ideas are going to change hearts and minds, let’s blend them together.”

About James Trezona | James Trezona is Managing Director of Mason Zimbler, the European integrated marketing agency that works with technology clients worldwide. With a background in planning and strategy, James now heads up a team of 50 people across two sites in the UK, working closely with other Harte-Hanks business units globally. James lives in Somerset, England and— whenever he gets the chance to go “unplugged”—he loves the countryside, the arts and sport. James blogs at Pressing Pause and he’s on Twitter at @j_trezona.

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