Issue 87 - 01 | Guarding the Guards: Crushing the Bureaucratic Rules that Limit Success

By Tom Rieger
Published Oct. 5, 2011 10:00 a.m.
“Fear is destroying companies. Or more specifically, fear of loss is causing companies to destroy themselves.

As managers are forced to do more with less, contend with limited resources, or battle for headcount and budget, many will begin to build walls to help protect their ability to meet their own local goals. Unfortunately, sometimes those walls become so high that those inside lose sight of the ultimate outcome. Their world becomes defined by the piece, and not the puzzle. With the best of intentions, barriers are born, particularly if the rules that are created make it difficult for others outside of the silo to succeed.”

About Tom Rieger | Tom Rieger, a Senior Practice Expert for Gallup, has pioneered the study and science of organizational barriers. Rieger is an expert in applying behavioral economic principles to uncover how complex systems self-destruct—and how to correct those problems. Through this work, he has become a recognized leader in developing methods and frameworks to identify and remove barriers to organizational and societal success.

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