Issue 85 - 05 | The End of the Roundabout Way: Why Quality of Life Will Finally Take Center Stage

By Julia Valentine
Published Aug. 3, 2011 10:00 a.m.
“The next quantum leap will occur when a critical mass of people realizes that one of the major purposes of life is JOY.

Until then, most people will accept an ersatz, an imitation, or a roundabout way of creating joy.

Is JOY a BMW? (That’s the advertising campaign the company has been running).

Not really. Sorry, but no. With all due respect to BMW, joy has nothing to do with a (great!) metal box on wheels. That’s transportation. And if you do not feel joy unless you have money to buy this car, you’re really screwed. Because next year, joy is going to be your own private Boeing. Or a trip to Mars. Or watching shooting stars on Jupiter.”

About Julia Valentine | After Julia Valentine’s grandparents went through years of debilitating illness and emotional meltdown before their deaths, she began to think about the process of growing older and how people could live better lives as they pass from youth and young adulthood into older adult- hood. She recalled people she had met in the Himalayas, Machu Picchu and Italy who did not succumb to old age. They were alive, vibrant, joyful, fulfilled. In other words, age had no power over them. And so she embarked on a journey to observe, analyze and research the main themes of Joy Compass. She is passionate about figuring out life strategies that work, then sharing them with people in a simple and practical way.
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