Issue 81 - 06 | Social Sharing Manifesto: The Arguments For and Against The Rise of the Sharing Consumer

By Simon Salt
Published April 6, 2011 10:00 a.m.
“Nothing has really changed, even with the popularity of terms like social consumer, sharing consumer etc. people have always shared. Whether sitting around the campfire, standing at the water cooler, or chatting over the garden fence, human beings share their opinions with others. If those opinions prove to be useful, that person will be sought out for an opinion about other things and on a more frequent basis.”

About Simon Salt | Simon Salt is CEO of Marketing Communications Agency IncSlingers. He is a Blogger, Writer & Entrepreneur—though not always in that order. His new book, Social Location Marketing, was published by QUE in February. He speaks nationally on the topic of Social Media and works with major brands as an online brand advocate. He keeps a business blog at and a personal blog at
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