Issue 81 - 05 | The Three Gaps Between Goals and Greatness

By Pelè Raymond Ugboajah, PhD
Published April 6, 2011 10:00 a.m.
“In the global race to achieve faster, better, cheaper business greatness, most leaders face a huge gap between the goals they set and the actual results achieved by the people in their organizations. This phenomenon is not a failure to plan, but rather, a failure to execute. […]

While there are many possible explanations for the root cause of the gap, the one common, recurring element is a stubborn, nagging blind spot: People issues.

They won’t go away. They are always around. No matter how much you try to avoid them by setting goals and staying busy, people issues are always right in front of you, either helping or hurting your organization’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

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About Pelè Raymond Ugboajah, PhD | Dr. Pelè Raymond Ugboajah is an author, speaker, consultant, musician, and the founder of LeaderPractice. Born and raised in a war-torn African refugee village, he was named after Pelè of Brazil—the greatest soccer player on earth—whose influence was so great that it stopped a bloody civil war. Pelè internalized his namesake’s simple, yet powerful secret of success—practice—and later transformed it, developing his own unique skills in music, writing, and motivational speaking. Eventually, Pelè turned his attention to the world of business, where he created LeaderPractice—a signature process for helping organizations bridge the gaps between goals and greatness. Pelè holds an MBA and a PhD specializing in leadership development. Over the years, he has authored several books, major label songs, and has spoken to diverse business audiences.
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