Issue 78 - 04 | The RARE Manifesto: How Building Better Relationships with Your People and Your Customers Can Deliver Sustainable Growth

By Adrian Swinscoe
Published Jan. 19, 2011 12:00 p.m.
“What if we lived in a world where all companies took care of their existing customers with as much effort as they pursued new customers, where companies were trusted and liked, where doing business with a company was a good experience, where companies and their employees cared about their customers and each other?

What kind of world would that be?

I believe that it is a world that is worth striving for.”

About Adrian Swinscoe | Adrian Swinscoe is an author, speaker and consultant. He helps companies large and small “fix the holes in their buckets” by developing and implementing customer-focused, sustainable growth strategies. His latest book, RARE Business, is a straightforward and practical guide to building a more sustainable business in these challenging times. Further, it has been designed in a hybrid book/notebook style that makes the content both bite-sized and more engaging than regular business books. You can find out more about Adrian and catch up with more customer retention tips and strategies on his blog at

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