Issue 74 - 02 | Reinventing Ethics

By Mary C. Gentile, Ph.D.
Published Sept. 8, 2010 1:00 p.m.
"What if thou shalt not became can do?

What if we developed moral competence rather than bemoaned a lack of moral courage?

What if we looked at ethics as a wellspring of passion and creativity rather than of required restraint?

What if our values became a source of satisfaction, rather than a threat of guilt?

What if we asked what if?"

About Mary C. Gentile, Ph.D. | Mary C. Gentile, Ph.D. is Director of the innovative curriculum, Giving Voice to Values, launched by Aspen Institute and Yale SOM, now supported by Babson College. This pioneering approach to values-driven leadership has been featured in the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, strategy+business, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and is being piloted in well over 100 business schools and organizations globally. Gentile’s other publications include: Can Ethics Be Taught? Perspectives, Challenges, and Approaches at Harvard Business School (with Thomas Piper & Sharon Parks) and Managerial Excellence Through Diversity: Text and Cases.

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