Issue 72 - 03 | When Chaos Moves In, and How to Conquer It: The True Story of Entrepreneurship

By Clate Mask & Scott Martineau
Published July 6, 2010 5:00 p.m.
“Proponents of entrepreneurship love to celebrate the freedom and adventure of owning and running a company. Established business owners put on a smile, perfect their elevator speech about “being their own boss,” and proceed to sell you their product or service. The media tells us story after story about the multi-million dollar opportunities grown out of a garage or dorm room.

But few people tell the true story of entrepreneurship—the story of long hours, sleepless nights, endless worry, mental and physical stress, strained family relationships and non-existent social life.

Instead, would-be entrepreneurs buy into a dream that few will ever achieve. Believing in a promise of more money, more time, and freedom from the corporate world, entrepreneurs ignore the less-than-encouraging small business statistics and take the plunge into ownership.

That’s when chaos moves in.”

About Clate Mask & Scott Martineau | Clate Mask is the co-founder and CEO of Infusionsoft, the leading provider of Email Marketing 2.0 software for small businesses. Clate loves to help small businesses grow. His passion for entrepreneurship is infectious and obvious from the moment he begins speaking. His dream is to revolutionize small business growth through smart automation. Scott Martineau is the co-founder and VP of Product Management at Infusionsoft. Scott is a serial entrepreneur who can’t imagine ever working a “regular job.” He is a technologist at heart, driven by his vision: to create an easier way for entrepreneurs to run their small businesses.

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