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Issue 7 | A Physics of Ideas

By Nova Spivack
Published Nov. 2, 2004 9:00 p.m.
Information overload is no longer a novel concept, it's the ever-present nemesis of your productivity. In this manifesto, Nova Spivack describes a unique approach to organizing, filtering, and tracking information and meme spread using principles of Newtonian physics.

About Nova Spivack | Nova Spivack is President and CEO of Radar Networks, a stealth-mode software company that is developing a platform for the Metaweb — a new technology for working with microcontent such as RSS, weblogs, Atom, and the coming Semantic Web. Nova is the grandson of Peter F. Drucker and shares strong interests in improving group cognition, innovation, and knowledge work. Nova studied philosophy with a focus on artificial intelligence and cognitive science, at Oberlin College, did cellular-automata and complex systems research at MIT, and did graduate study at The International Space University, which led to his flight to the edge of space in 1999.

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