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Issue 67 - 02 | How to Read a Business Book

By Todd Sattersten
Published Feb. 11, 2010 1:54 a.m.
“The problem? 11,000. That is the number of business books published in the United States every year. Placed one atop another, the stack would stand as tall as a ninety-story building.

Recommendations reduce the noise. Suggestions from friends and colleagues are best, because they know you and your circumstances. Reliable media sources that regularly review business books, like The Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek, are also a great source for slimming the pile. Blogs, tweets, and Facebook statuses can be just as valuable. Online booksellers offer customer reviews on their product pages, and physical bookstores have helpful employees who can help you find a book

Worthwhile as they are, recommendations merely reduce the size of the pile. Our next step is to determine which book is right one.”

About Todd Sattersten | Todd Sattersten is the co-author of The The 100 Best Business Books of All Time (Portfolio 2009), and just published a new eBook titled Fixed to Flexible: Four Simple Lessons About Cost, Price, Margin and The Options Available to The 21st Century Business. Todd writes regularly about business and books at toddsattersten.com. You can find him tweeting at @toddsattersten.

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