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Issue 65 - 06 | Relational GPS™: The Road Map to Outstanding Business Relationships

By Ed Wallace
Published Dec. 10, 2009 2:03 a.m.
“Identifying your core relationships is the vital first step you must take in shifting how you perceive your role in any business relationship.

Instead of just wishing that better business contacts would magically appear in your professional life, drive the business contacts you’ve already established to more productive and rewarding levels. The initial step of pinpointing your core relationships will lead you toward participating with an actual person rather than with a digital line in a CRM system or on Linked In.

A process, however, for driving your core relationships to success, is also vital. I call this process understanding your contact’s Relational GPS™.”

About Ed Wallace | Ed Wallace founded The Relational Capital Group so he could bring his relationship-building principles to corporations and their client-facing professionals. The firm provides professional development and consulting services to help organizations and individuals develop the key relationships that most impact their business performance- leading to improved profitability and sustainability in the global marketplace. In his most recent book, Business Relationships That Last (Greenleaf, 2009), Ed illustrates his relationship-building principles through real-life stories, examples, and insights gathered from his success as a sales leader, and shows his readers how to establish and maintain successful business relationships.

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