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Issue 65 - 04 | Brands Are People Too

By Joy Panos Stauber
Published Dec. 10, 2009 2:27 a.m.
“When you talk about ‘branding,’ you are not discussing a superficial activity. More and more business people are finally starting to understand that.

A brand is not a veneer you apply to make a business (or product or service or idea) appealing to its intended audience. Instead, a brand begins to exist when a business has something to offer to the world—values, services, or products. From there, the brand’s work is to articulate those unique attributes and strive to communicate them the right way, and to the right people. Even so, a brand is not what a business says it is. It’s what the consumer ends up perceiving it to be.”

About Joy Panos Stauber | Joy Panos Stauber is a Chicago-based designer who develops comprehensive brand communications for a diverse clientele. Her work has been recognized by various awards shows and publications. Her job is to sift through context, goals, business needs, audience research, etc. to help determine the best communications strategy. And then figure out what that ought to look like, making sure that of all the details are well executed along the way to fruition. She posts observations and essays about design and communication on her website, Stauber Design Studio.

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