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Issue 64 - 06 | How to Be Positive … When Things Suck

By Kathrien Ahn
Published Nov. 12, 2009 2:59 a.m.
"Sometimes life comes up from behind you and kicks you in the ass, which is how it tells you that you’re supposed to be moving in an entirely different direction. Maybe you’re fighting a losing battle in a relationship or career. Maybe you’ve neglected your health, and its coming back to haunt you. Whatever it is, we’re all born with talents, and some of us have chosen to pursue them and some have preferred to stay in the 'Safe' zone. In tough times, you have to dig deep because all the extraneous layers are stripped away and you’re faced with a decision. Go for it or not? It’s up to you."

About Kathrien Ahn | Kathrien Ahn is an optimist who definitely struggles to remain positive at times. Originally from Philly, she went to New York University to study Journalism and Economics before realizing that the crazy world of Entertainment was her calling. After many auditions for Asian nail salon-specific roles, a part on Law and Order: SVU, and taking a bunch of screenwriting classes, she made her way to Los Angeles. Since being here, she's had numerous awful jobs, a part on NBC's The Office, and has written several screenplays. In the past, she's been the Community Manager of docstoc.com, where she started a blog called Girl At a Startup because well, she was the sole estrogen producer at this start up. Currently, she is the editor of an online magazine, twirlit and recently booked her first national commercial. She is also a hip hop karaoke fiend and thinks rap music is the best thing ever.

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