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Issue 61 - 05 | Habitudes in the Classroom: Teaching the Habits and Attitudes Our Students Need in the 21st Century

By Angela Maiers
Published Aug. 12, 2009 9:17 p.m.
“Education shouldn’t be about adding more to our lists of HAVE’s, DO’s , and BE’s, but rather thinking outside the lines, intentionally about the BE’s, DO’s, and HAVE’s that matter most.

The 21st century world needs learners to BE critical, BE creative, and BE strategic. The 21st century world demands learners to DO their own thinking, rather than relying on someone else to think for them. The 21st century world expects learners to HAVE the endurance, fortitude, and courage to brave through each new challenge with confidence and competence.”

About Angela Maiers | As an author of several books, articles, and curriculum support materials, Angela Maiers continually strives to connect research and scientific theory to real world practices. For the past six years, she has created, developed, and organized multiple literacy institutes reaching thousands of educators across the United States. Her work is featured in the National Research Council Yearbook, multiple professional journals, and most recently in Urban Schools Most Promising Practices, published by the International Reading Association. You can keep up with her at her blog or on Twitter.


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