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Issue 60 - 05 | Flow, Flee or Fight: Declare Yourself For Change In Your Organization

By Nevin Danielson
Published July 8, 2009 10:47 p.m.
“It’s time for a shake-up. This one won’t happen because your boss decides it’s time. It will happen because you and your peers decide it’s time. Rather than relying on organizations to see what's in their long-term best interest, individuals are in a better position to instigate change. It will feel uncomfortable. You’ll be labeled a heretic. As solace, you’ll have the knowledge that you’re right.”

About Nevin Danielson | Nevin Danielson is a husband and father in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

After too many years of conventional career learning and incremental growth, he's finally had his Johnny Bunko-esque revelation and now he wants to share it.

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