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Issue 60 - 04 | Cracking the Genetic Code: A New Way Forward For Corporations

By Anne McCrossan
Published July 8, 2009 11:56 p.m.
“Synapses are natural, visceral, reactions connecting the soft organs of the body to the central nervous system. They can be trusted to be “on the money,” and most corporate bodies—human or otherwise—are lost without them. Not being in tune with one’s own ecosystem leads to unrewarded, misplaced effort and operational dysfunction.

Enabled by technology, we now have knowledge of how to make human connections work best in corporations connected by a common purpose.

This is a document that’ll show you how to make that happen.”

About Anne McCrossan | Part strategist, part pragmatist, Anne McCrossan’s been a specialist in business and brand development for over 20 years. Based in London, she’s the Founder of Visceral Business, a boutique business about marketing and organizational change and that helps businesses align their technology and digital activity, human resources and marketing to make better connections with customers. You can keep up with Anne on her blog, A Bit Visceral.

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