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Issue 60 - 02 | The Hub Mentality: Shifting From Business Transactions To Community Interaction

By Stephen Palmer & Carl Woolston
Published July 9, 2009 12:36 a.m.
“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to catch the eyes of the consumer. Once you have them you have to keep them. Technology has transformed relationships between businesses and customers. Now, your job isn’t just to transact sales. Your job is to cultivate trust, build community, and interact with your customers on an ongoing basis.

Your job is to become a hub, a center of influence that creates value for your customers on their terms. Sales and profit are the result of fulfilling customer desires through educational, valuable content and remarkable products and services. Do this and your loyal community members become your advocates and evangelists.”

About Stephen Palmer & Carl Woolston | Stephen Palmer and Carl Woolston are the founding partners of KGaps Consulting, a marketing firm that connects leaders with communities using the principles of their proprietary Hub Mentality. KGaps stands for knowledge gaps. We bridge the gaps that limit the potential of information age businesses


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