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Issue 59 - 04 | Trusting Google and Yahoo: Search Engines & Information Literacy

By Jay Moonah
Published June 3, 2009 11:14 p.m.
We pride ourselves on thinking critically. But how do our critical thinking skills apply to what we find in our searches? Because the results seem to appear like magic, many of us tend to think of search results as being “unbiased.” But in actual fact, there are many individuals and companies working hard every day to try to push their information to the top of the page in your Google search.

About Jay Moonah | Jay Moonah is the Vice President of Marketing for Wild Apricot, which provides web software that helps associations and nonprofit organizations manage their websites, membership records, events and donations. Prior to Wild Apricot, Jay worked with many clients, including Molson Canada, CTVglobemedia, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Canoe/Sun Media. He has also taught at a number of institutions, including University of Toronto and Ryerson University. He is co-organizer of Podcamp Toronto, an annual new media “unconference.” He is also an independent musician and song writer. Jay’s blog and podcast “Media Driving” can be found at mediadriving.com.

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