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Issue 59 - 01 | Too Big to Live: Why Letting Banks Fail Is Actually Good For Real People

By Douglas Rushkoff
Published June 4, 2009 12:02 a.m.
“As the financial institutions we have come to rely on appear to topple under their own weight, it's only natural that we rush to support them. These are the banks, investment groups, and insurance firms to which we have outsourced our savings, financing, and investing. They fund our businesses and lend most of our currency into existence. Were we just a bit more aware of how this dependency developed, however, as well as what it costs us in the long run, we might choose instead to exploit their temporary vulnerability toward very different ends. Indeed, if we had our wits about us, we would seek to put our biggest banks out of our misery, for good.”

About Douglas Rushkoff | Douglas Ruskoff is a world-renowned media theorist whose twelve books, including Life, Inc., have won prestigious awards and have been translated into thirty languages. he is a commentator on CNN and a contributor to Time, Discover, and NPR. He also made the PBS documentaries Merchants of Cool, The Persuaders, and Digital Nation.


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