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Issue 56 - 05 | Catching Zebras: Tranforming Your Sales Force by Shifting Your Focus

By Jeffrey Koser & Chad Koser
Published March 12, 2009 12:03 a.m.
"The Zebra concept itself is simple. Create the profile of your perfect prospect and measure all other prospects against perfection. Zebra score every prospect, decide your tipping point and don’t go over it. This is the hard part. Saying no for sales people is very hard. Yes is in their vernacular. No isn't even in their DNA. So when we tell you that part of the success of this process is to say 'no,' you'll understand this process will take some inspection to ensure it succeeds. Someone once said you can't expect what you don't inspect. Inspection is necessary for the Zebra way to succeed. You can drag a Zebra to water... you get the idea."

About Jeffrey Koser & Chad Koser | Jeffrey A Koser and Chad Koser are the USA Book News Award Winning authors of Selling to Zebras: How to Close 90% of the Business You Pursue Faster, More Easily, and More Profitably. Jeffrey is the former COO of Baan Supply Chain Solutions, and is the founder of Selling to Zebras, LLC. Chad Koser has eleven years of business and sales experience and more than fourteen years of experience working with Zebra and Zebra Buying Cycle philosophies. Upon joining Jeff in building Selling to Zebras, LLC as a sales consultant, Chad analyzes his clients’ solution offerings to identify how they drive value for their customers.

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