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Issue 56 - 03 | Is Progress Possible?

By Gerald Sindell
Published March 12, 2009 12:53 a.m.
"I believe in progress.

I believe that our contribution to the progress of civilization is a good measure of how well we have used our lives.

Humankind has had writing for about 13,000 years. Books got pretty cheap around 600 years ago when Gutenberg created movable type. The Internet has made access to good ideas almost free for billions of people. So why aren't the vast majority of us happy and healthy by now? Where is progress?"

About Gerald Sindell | Gerald Sindell is the author of The Genius Machine: The Eleven Steps That Turn Raw Ideas into Brilliance, being released in May 2009. Whether breakthroughs developed in direct partnership with leading professional services organizations such as Accenture (on the first 3D realtime interactive simulation, Simplementation) or developing the ideas that thought leaders like Dean Brenner of The Latimer Group bring to key clients like United Technologies, the ripple effect of better ideas in the marketplace of ideas means that Thought Leaders Intl. clients are changing the world every day. From GE to State Farm, Alcoa to InBev, Yahoo! to Booz Allen, our clients provide thought leadership that improves lives.

You can learn more at thoughtleadersintl.com and endleofon.com.

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