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Issue 55 - 03 | A World Without Surprise
By Andy Nulman Published Feb. 12, 2009 2:24 a.m.

"The ChangeThis instructions read: 'If you have a book… please use it only as a jumping-off point from which to isolate a particularly intriguing idea.'

Well, I have a book. It’s called Pow! Right Between The Eyes! And its particularly intriguing idea opens mouths, pops eyes and, may I say, whups ass. While potent and influential, it is also the most bullying of ideas; taunting me, challenging me, expecting me, every time, to do something different.


I considered putting the words into song, but given a vocal range better suited to the dulcet tones of thrash metal, my message would’ve been distorted and muddied.

So I did the next best thing.

I think.

May I present, the apocalyptic poetic vision of…



About Andy Nulman | Andy Nulman is the author of POW! Right Between the Eyes! His only regret is that he has just one life to live… but he’s working on a solution. He launched Just For Laughs, the world’s largest comedy event, produced more than 150 TV shows all over the globe, and co-founded the ground-breaking mobile entertainment pioneer Airborne Mobile, which he sold for over $100 million, bought back for way less, and where he continues to work today with brands the likes of Maxim, Family Guy and The NFL. In his spare time, Andy is an acclaimed and dynamic public speaker/showman, half-decent snowboarder, hot-and-cold hockey goalie, limited-ranged rock singer and adventurous stage director. Married with two grown children and two rambunctious dogs, he never, ever fails to Surprise.

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